Why Hexa?

Consider adopting new programming language? :yum:

Goals and philosophy

Main goal of Hexa is… software. This is not a language on its own, it is a tool.

All design decisions a very pragmatic, and aimed for painless writing, deploying, and maintaining of software. Second goal is to being friendly for small teams/businesses, individuals and open source communities.

Most languages provide nonsense like unicode characters in variable names and even emojis, tabs-vs-spaces wars, non-working optional safety. Hexa don’t.

Hexa strictly defines that making software is really, really hard. And maintaining others code is extra harder. Reading code is hard. Debugging is hard. Optimizing is hard. Deploying buggy software is useless and harmful.

Hexa is not idealistic. Some things look irrational or you see that it is very logical to add feature xyz? Programming is not about logic since 1960. Or, maybe, “hey, we already have C++”? Hey, how many apps you did in C++? None?

Sometimes coding may look not very fun, but you don’t really care when your ideas come to life and prosper.

Software deserves to be great, and problems to be solvable.

Use cases

  • High performance, portable, cross platform native software
  • Software based on web technologies
  • Scripting and automation
  • Low code friction: easy to join existing project
  • Scaling and maintenance


Feature Implementation state
Compiles to (human-readable!) JavaScript Mostly complete
Compiles to native binaries with LLVM In the works
Compiles to C In the works
Ultimately crossplatform (for development, i.e. Windows, macOS, Linux) Yes
Ultimately crossplatform (for targeting) Currently JavaScript (web, node, scripting)
Fast compilation Nearly instantaneous
Stable syntax Most of the language will stay as-is
Compiles itself Currently with node, LLVM in the works
Syntax is not obscure, common paradigms Yes
Very fast native targets Yes, semantically guaranteed
Low memory overhead No tracing garbage collection
Transpiles to other programming languages Yes, mostly stable IR, pluggable targets in the works
Imperative metaprogramming In the works
Scripting (running single files without compilation and REPL) Sometimes works
Null-safety In the works
Exception-safety In the works
Helpful error messages Compiler mostly understands your code and intention
Zero-cost abstractions In the works (inline functions, inline classes, code transformation)
C ABI compatibility Of course


Feature Implementation state
Still incomplete compiler Version Alpha
Few bingings Some subset of JavaScript, browser and node API
Package system is not done In the works
Native targets barely work In the works
Regular expressions are not yet done Planned for 0.1