Package manager


Package manager is a tool for code sharing between developers. Very easy to use, no worries! :wink:

It comes built into Hexa compiler, so you don’t have to lurk elsewhere.

Manager works similiar to npm (node.js’ package manager) where possible.


Package manager works atop of Git. Download Git installer if you don’t have one pre-installed on your system, select add to PATH option:


Packages installed globally into ~/hexa_modules/packages or C:\Users\user\hexa_modules\packages, thus disk space requirements per-package are not high. Note, that every package version installed into separate folder like hexa_modules/packages/.../v1.2.3, but you may cleanup unused versions. If packages installed locally on per-project manner, then ./hexa_modules created in the project root.

Package bundle

Code with additional data may be bundled into “package” like this:

  • src - folder with code
  • docs - folder for docs, if any
  • tests - folder with tests, if any
  • hexa.json - list all source files as “src\filename.hexa”
  • .gitattributes - just add * text=auto there to avoid Linux<->Windows<->macOS end of lines problems
  • .gitignore - ensure no garbage comes into package
  • - description and usage examples
  • LICENSE - any open-source license (prefer MIT or BSD)

Use any of / or \\ slashes. Hexa changes them to platform-specific automagically.

Registering package versions

git tag

hexa cleanup-patch hexa –local cleanup-patch hexa cleanup-minor hexa cleanup-minor –local hexa cleanup-major hexa cleanup-major –local –no-cache –reinstall # if broken incomplete download

Source code of package manager for contributors

Uninstalling packages

Do this only if your really need some free disk space. It’s okay to have fallbacks if new package version fails.

To uninstall a locally/globally installed package:

$ hexa uninstall

“hexaCompiler”: “~0.10.0”, Specify required Hexa compiler. Package manager will download older or newer versions of the package if possible for your compiler, until compatible and non-conflicting one is found.

Follow SemVer 2