Bootstrap the compiler

It was a long standing project and hard research! So it is the time to stop over-engineering and dive into implementation and dogfooding.

Current task is to go wild and make Hexa a self-contained, i.e. self compilable.

Unfortunately, the easiest way to achieve this is to make a compiler prototype in Haxe, convert it’s source to Hexa, compile it with Haxe’s to finally generate Hexa’s compiler, to ..well ..finally compile Hexa compiler with Hexa compiler. Sounds non-trivial, huh?

Actually, Haxe allows to implement automatic source conversion with macro API. So most of the time I am writing Haxe code, which compiles Hexa code, generated from this code which parses this same code. Meh.

This shows to work really well, so lets fill a to-do. Also you may expect the macro to be published in the https://github.com/hexalang/toHexa repo. I don’t believe it will directly re-compile something like OpenFL but who knows.

By the way this makes unit testing a lot simpler cause one may reuse Haxe’ unit tests he-he.